Friday, February 13, 2009

you and you alone bring out the gypsy in me.

song of the day: embracable you, crooned by frank sinatra or judy garland.
Old Fashioned Dating:
(I obviously wasn't around when this type of thing happened)
Step 1. Walk up and introduce yourself to person of interest.
Step 2. Ask person if they would like to go out on a date sometime.
Step 3. Call person within three days and ask them out for the following weekend.
Step 4. Go on date. Now things could go a number of ways.
New Age Dating:
Step 1. Add person of interest on Facebook.
Step 2. Write on person's wall.
Step 3. Message person and ask them for their number and say "we should hang out sometime."
Step 4. Text them. Get your friends and tell them to get their friends.
Step 5. Watch movie. Cuddle. With all friends present. You have to have your wingmen. Oh, and be careful to play it really cool for a few days after said cuddle, she shouldn't think you are interested. Make her scared.
Step 6. Maybe go on a date sometime if the desire for a real relationship is established. (Heaven forbid you spend any money on person before you know they are going to be your gf.)

My dad and I were discussing this at dinner the other night. How it is so .... sooo much different dating now than it was then. Boys have it easy these days, they just don't know it. If they ask you out on a date, they are already looking like a stand up guy. Like, baller status! If they call you before they text, they are already WAY more of a man. You can just tell. Its umm. Sad. Ha. But its the world we live in right... Cool!
*this is not me being bitter or talking about any one in particular. just a general review of dating life in the 21st century. just to clarify- i like dating. once the pansies are weeded out.


  1. so for whatever reason I feel like I've missed your blog for a very long time!!! Like I haven't seen any new posts or anything. anyway I really miss you and your great!

  2. haha!!! sarah this is priceless stuff!! you and dad were talking about this? I wish I was in on that convo.. dang! I was probably selling shoes to oriental women. No big deal.

  3. The reason I have to "date" my roommates must be because I don't have facebook. Yep. That's probably it.

  4. ha i love this and totally agree with everything said. its sad how things have changed, but its just what we got delt.