Wednesday, February 11, 2009

why don't you invite your pants down to your shoes so they can party.

Something I noticed today.. People are still wearing those bellbottomy pants. too short for them. with running shoes! ahhhhggghghgghh worst combo on the face of this earth.

Lyrics spin me right round. I have always been a person who listens to the lyrics of a song intently. They have the power to make me so obsessed with a song sometimes that I listen to just that for days and days. Sometimes they are funny. Sometimes they are sweet. Sometimes they are sad. Whatever the case I alway love them. I am confident that almost all lyrics come from a story. Lots of times I want to share them but then I think oh no one cares what this song says and what it means to me. But Syb is a doll and usually I just tell her and she is a sport. Or whomever is with me. I don't know why I feel like expressing this right now. Probably because Love Day is coming up!

I always make a wonderful lovey sweet playlist (or mix cd in the olden days) right as Valentines Day approaches and they please me. This years is a lot more versatile than the years past. A little Hall and Oates here, some Ray LaMontagne there. Claro que sí, Al Green y Marvin Gaye.. well I am getting carried away. I obviously can't list them all. But most importantly: it is completely Bryan Adams free, thank you very much.