Thursday, February 5, 2009

might like to wear cotton, might like to wear silk.

I love skoo right naaaa. Especially

  • my rock n roll class
  • running into people like MJ and Henry
  • how the goobers at Utah are just as goobery as at BYU they just have longer hair and nappy beards.

TGIF. I am so excited to have the most glorious weekend known to mankind. With my glorious friends. I wish I was going to the StG Parade of Homes next weekend but you can't have everything! I can: see He's Just Not That Into You! with the lades. Can't: wait. I can: Play with Dale. I can: Make an ACAI bowl, hopefully, if I can locate some of those brazilian berries... Pirate O's I am hoping. I can: Go to McKay's show which will be much fun I like the Vibrant Sound and their swagger. I can: make funfetti pancakes. Have chels sleep over in Sybs and my bed with us. Go to the singles ward that I like! and. eat a nummy sunday dinner at home. What is better? Also. Tomorrow is special and I will tell you why in a separate post. Tomorrow. I know, you can't wait can you?

In the spirit of counting my blessings.

  • and for letting me hear music for free while i am working.
  • dish scrubbies. how gross are they? but so useful..
  • 5+ people around one dessert. definately something to be happy about.
  • friends being missionaries, their example, and their letters... and the pictures they draw. i.e.
  • going to the movies! granted. it costs money. but there is honestly nothing i love more than a good movie! i am giddy after. errry time!
  • i have this pair of sunglasses, and they are loyal. i know, you are thinking, personification sarah, sunglasses can't be loyal. but that's where you are wrong! because i bought this pair at target i think in st. george on my senior trip almost three years ago. and i lost three other pairs on that trip, but not these. since then i have had many many others and all of them have broken or abandoned me. i can always go back to these babies! they are backup sunglasses extraordinaire.
  • i am trying to teach myself how to play the harmonica in an effort to become more like bob dylan. he is my flavor of the week. (sometimes flavors of the week come and go you know. obviously bob is more classic than some flavors. he is a returning again and again kind of flavor.)


  1. ha ha ha ha did Levi draw that picture? Also, I LOVED HE"S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU!!!!