Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We walk around just playin' the violin behind you.

My classes are so great! I love History of Rock N Roll and Survey of Jazz. I have the first with Darren and the second with Carson. It is so great. Spanish is fine, I just wish it wasn't four days a week! But I guess that's the only way to learn. Oh wait, no, I need to go somewhere and USE IT. Rah. I need a sponsor! :)

I signed up for Institute!!! In orem.. Wednesdays at 7 Pm Dating and Courtship(bahaha)... I would like a friend to go with me so let me know if you are interested. If not I will just fly solo it's all gravy.

I am leaving on my Hawaiian Adventure on Thursday morning and I could not be more excited about it. We are going to go Kayaking to a couple little private islands, and go hiking to some rad waterfalls, and go to Honolulu probably, and um BEACH BUM AROUND! Yesssss pleeeease. I don't even care about that it's going to be humid. I mean who cares as long as it's warm? Oh gosh. I am so cold right now maybe that's why I am focused so much on the warmth. Weather.Com says it is going to be pretty much an even 75 ish degrees the whole time we are there except for the first day it is supposed to rain, but thats all! I can handle that EZ.

Things that I have decided:

I have not seen LB for probably a week... Cam? Are you still among us?

Going to the grocery store with a friend is a lot more fun than going to the grocery store alone.

Pansy A's need not bother me anymore it will not help them in the long run. Rah.

One Tree Hill is amazing because it is like a constant action adventure soap opera musical sports story!

I need to see Bobby McFerrin when he comes in March. NEED.

Stephen's and my list of things to be happy about: (so far)

(if you have some fun ones please tell!)

Fresh White Tees.

Parking in a spot you're not supposed to, and not getting a ticket.

Driving next to an old person in an old classic car like a cadillac and them wearing awesome clothes like bowties and pretty scarves on their heads just looking like a picture.

The song "White Tee"

Busting a dance party out of nowhere.

Consecutive green lights.

Watching a boy yell at the tv during an NBA game. (examples? dad, mike adamson)

Clocking out.


Singing your heart out while driving alone.

Songs of the day:

Mickey Avalon - Mr. Right

The Sequence (written by Travis!) - Till I Die

Beyond the Beyond - RJD2


  1. Have fun in Hawaii! I'm so jealoussss! brrrrrrr

  2. I just got the SICKEST playlist on my little sunshine and I know you'll want it! 54 songs, 9 hours long of pure genius! Hit em up style!!

  3. While your kayaking or however you spell it, I'll either be giving an 87 year old lady a perm or waxing someones stash. Not that I don't LOVE school and all but seriously I wish I coulda come! Your going to be missed. Love!

  4. Sarah, have a most wonderful time in Hawaii. Add me to the list of jealous people among your blogging buddies. I mean seriously who couldn't use a tropical vacation this time of year?

  5. I'm not jealous one single bit, I don't even like the sun, or the ocean, or getting tan!! Bring on the frigid weather and snow!!!! mmm!!! Have a sucky time in Hawaii!

  6. i parked illegally TWICE at school yesterday, and my friend got a ticket but i didnt. i love being a rebel.. also clocking out is the best feeling in the world.. and i miss you! :D