Saturday, January 3, 2009

it takes half of your bubble bath to match the freshness.



Patti turnings 23! Little did we know, that by the end of the year
Patti Johnson -----> Patti Stringham!

Disco Skating

Sledding! And might I mention Provo thursdays?? Yessss

St. George Parade of Homes and Vegas! (FAO Shwartz)


Katie Coleman ----> Kate Osborne

I should just mention that there were a lot more weddings than I am going to show here and they were all equally fun and important! Love this pic from
McCall Miller -----> McCall Tycksen wedding!


Abby Feulner -----> Abby Anderson!

Oh and I turned 20. So did cornbaby.

Oregon to get Brandee and Cory and bring them home! (this is Astoria)

Being mischievious and STEALTH. I don't feel bad!!!!

JuneVegas with Mom & Brandee!

Jill, Gavin & I showing off our scooter burns. Stupid Rico! Jk love...


Cam turned 18 and had a barbecue that lasted about a week and a half. Soft serve ice cream was unlimited! He also got his eagle scout project done at the very last minute. We widened a trail up corner canyon, it really is a shame that corner canyon caught ablaze a few months later!

Lake Powell with the Daniels!
Fun tube! Rolling down the hill at Draper Park inside it... So great. A good time for those with highly tolerant stomachs.

Katie Arbon -----> Katie Hogue! Salt Lake Temple
This was a really fun day!

Bear Lake with Packer family!

Cameron Syb Cass McKall and I saw Boyz II Men!!!!
Cass, Sam and I went to Gardner Village and on the way home ended up here somehow. Of course.... I was driving.

OctoberJill and Chelsea reaped...

And it didn't snow. So we took advantage!

Allyse Tree -----> Allyse Boardman!


Christmas Social '08
Hi 2009

Looking back... So much happened in 2008. Some very key moments in my life! Important lessons were learned and memorable experiences were had. To name a few....
I think I wore shoes more than I ever have before.

I failed Math 1050 twice, and earned straight A's in all of my other classes.
I watched SYTYCD, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and The Hills with my best friends almost every week and came to love Mondays just for that.

I lived in 4 different homes.

I got to know McKall.
I watched Cassidy's and my dream come true and then crumble. (Referring to something funny and not serious)
I faced the wrong way on the freeway with Adrienne.
I became enamorate of singles wards and provo in a way that I never thought I would.
Dear Hawaii, I'm coming soon !!!


  1. 2008 was a great year, definitely one to remember! Wait I forgot to ask you when we were on the phone...HAWAII???? When, where, who, let me in plz. Love you.

  2. Looks like you had a fun year!! I love your pictures!

  3. This was a solid post. 2008 was the best year I've ever had!

  4. Love this post so much! Your the greatest!

  5. Love the pictures. So fun to see so many of your cute friends and my cute Cassidy! Hope 2009 is fabulous for you!