Sunday, December 7, 2008

Now bring us some figgy pudding.

This was always my favorite story to read when I was a wee girl. I loved it so much that one year I took it to school for show and tell. I carried it in my backpack for longer than I should've and now it has chocolate on the front, ripped edges and you know just your usual tot-induced damage. I have yet to view the movie that they made of this book starring Tom Hanks.

It still hasn't snowed! And although I would love it to, so that it would actually seem like christmas time, I am not going to complain anymore. Because honestly it is a blessing. Parking far away like you have to where I live would be so much more atrocious if there were snow and ice on the hill you climb. I also am enjoying not having to scrape my car off every morning with one of my rainboots that I conveniently keep in my trunk. So can I get an AMEN for that? But I am still dreaming of a white christmas.

Next.. I am just curious about a few products that I keep seeing advertised as christmas approaches.

I would like to know why no matter what magazine or website you are looking at, under the category of "great gifts for under $50" or "for the boyfriend" or "for the person who has everything" there is always an alarm clock? I don't know one american who doesn't have either a cell phone that has an alarm clock feature, or an actual alarm clock...and as a gift, that seems not thoughtful at all considering I don't know anyone who is really interested in them.

The snuggie? These are blankets that have sleeves. One size fits all. The only thing is I hope these people don't mind looking like monks in fleece! Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Last but not least. Wii Folk?? I don't even know what to think about this new product except that it is some sort of giant cartoon gigapet that you can make go all around the wii town and watch wii fireworks and buy wii furniture? what? i don't know i'm, umm, just wondering why.
Anyway I just think this world is funny and I love it and I even love the things I don't love (if that makes sense?) just cause they make me laugh and they make life more interesting.. I mean without wii folk what would I make fun of!
"may we always remember in the midst of the season, that love is what counts and Christ is the reason"


  1. sarah I love you so much..

    But you are so mean to me most of the time.

    and ever since you left my life is like 10X better.. AT LEAST. JK (school for scoundrels)

    Atrocious. Amazing word choice.

    Love your brother who does tons of favors for you, and gets nothing in return. :)

  2. Sarah: Love this, love you. In fact I miss you very much.

    Cameron: I'm sure your a really great brother,don't be too hard on yourself

  3. cameron. you're loved by so many other people i don't know why you get angry with sarah. get off sarah's back don't be selfish she can't possibly give you all her love she has SO many other people to love.

    Dear sarah i love you and i think your blog is marvelous but most of all i think your marvelous for calling me tonight when i really needed it. thanks for being my amazing friend. i'm grateful for you and i know god is too.

  4. You certainly have a way of posing thought provoking questions. It is snowing in Idaho Falls as I speak. I hope you got snow this morning too. I don't like snow in March but I do enjoy snow in December. Merry Christmas!!!

  5. I'm says 1 tuppence...but actually once clicking to post a comment there are actually 4? hmm...anyway I'm with you on the snow thing and I do believe that it is snowing right this second!!!!!!!!

  6. Okay, and I keep on leaving comments under Sarah Jane because you're signed into my computer ha. So the above comment is actually Lauren Alexis haha.

  7. Snuggies! Yay! Sara, you are hilarious! How was shopping the other day?