Sunday, December 21, 2008

an overdose of mirth.

I decided today that O Come Emmanuel is my favorite christmas song. It is so beautiful. I have heard it a few times now this month and I am overwhelmed with the spirit when I hear it!

I have a few recommendations for this break if you are wondering what to do.

Go see Seven Pounds! two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Or see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Again, two thumbs, but its long, so prepare yourself to sit. Or any other appropriate films you are inclined to see. There are so many.
Listen to Sigur Ros or Ray Lamontagne or Delta Spirit mmmmm yeah.
Don't watch Dreamscapes or drink too much egg nog.
Ice skate with me at Gallivan Center! Oh, and go with me to St. Geezy off the Heezy for New Years. Pleeeezy.


  1. Always so spot on with your music suggestions. Absolutely cannot go wrong with Sigur Ros or good ol' Ray.


  2. all of those things that you just said... are my favorite thing to do..

    Every Day.