Saturday, November 29, 2008

la vie en rose! life is rosy

: It is now the christmas season! Feel free to listen to christmas music and watch elf as many times as you want.
: Why isn't there snow??
: I am already excited for sweater parties and want to make a new sweater stat.
: It took exactly one month.
: I kind of want to collect platters.
: I got rear-ended. Cory says Juanita should be named Joan Rivers because it's had more body work than she has.
: I am sleep deprived which makes me more talkative and weird than I am normally. Which probably isn't good...
: I heard a tow truck drive up last night and booked it outside and said "nooooo" I was lucky...
: My current worry is mostly over the fact that my fridge is full of so many left overs that I probably can't if anyone wants to help me! That would be ideal.
: Axl Rose could teach us all a valuable lesson about putting off a deadline. Ask my old manager at Virgin! He would go in the dj booth and cuss after a customer asked us if we had the new Guns N' Roses Album.
: Reflecting on myself in tenth grade when I wore slippers to school and carried a blanket instead of just wearing a coat and some normal shoes. I somehow still had friends... but how? That was disgraceful.
: Guy Ritchie and Madonna's divorce shows that non-Jewish marriages can't necessarily be saved by a two-week intensive course in Jewish Mysticism.


  1. Sarah, i have a bone to pick with, as i recall you said that we were going to have a girls night while i was in the 208, and that you were going to plan it.. you did not and i never even got to see you. how unfortunate. but maybe another time.. before everyone is married and leaves me.
    love you still sar

  2. haha I love how cory said that Joan Rivers thing! haha hes such a creep.

    I'm angry about there being zero snow too.