Monday, October 6, 2008

you know you twist so fine.

Fact: I miss the days when we were only worried about the planet melting.
Fact: I have lived out of a suitcase or my car for most of my life.
Fact: Harper is coming home this week. Hooray because he is so funny and also mexican like all of my favorites are.
Fact: I am enamorate.
Fact: I bought post-its that say Dunder Mifflin this is Pam.
Fact: I love SVU and still want to grow up to be like Dr. Wong.
Fact: The above does not mean I am a perve.
Fact: I like the beatles and it is cliche and I don't care.
Fact: Your friends don't dance and if they don't dance then they're no friends of mine.
Fact: I am basic.
Fact: I'm sorry for making fun of your ridiculous CD collection.
Fact: I have a problem. an addiction. to wedding and/or home decor magazines.
Fact: I am overly insecure sometimes and will be the first to admit it.
Fact: I am wearing cowboy boots.
Fact: My hair has not been "done" for over a week.
Fact: I almost rear ended a car today while waving to Blake and Allyse. I turned beet red and am still embarassed eight hours later.
Fact: That facebook friend request is more conversation than we ever had in high school. That is what goes through my head sometimes.
Fact: Fall is the best season.
Fact: Last fall was very different from this fall and I am just in awe about it. It seems like centuries ago.
Fact: Someday I want you to be my emergency contact person.
Fact: I want a new playlist every day.
Fact: I am enslaved by association to this place with blue walls and hands on its logo.
Fact: I want cafe rio right now! like RIGHT NOW.
Fact: I agree with adrienne's personal favorite mustache.
Fact: I just want it to be time!!!!
Fact: I never have secrets.
Fact: No quiero taco bell.
Fact: I don't know about the upcoming election. I kind of hate both candidates.
Fact: If you're ever shot in an east coast-west coast rap war, I hope it's after you've recorded ten years worth of unreleased music.
Fact: I don't like halloween decorations. Fall yes, halloween NO.


  1. Fact: I love your blog posts
    Question: Where did you get those post it notes?
    Fact: I really want those post it notes.

  2. Fact: My White T's are shrunk thanks to you. I'll get over it. Sorry for the H word.