Wednesday, October 15, 2008

excess aint rebellion.

Dear America,
I am stressed out, and will tell you why. Every day I will look on or CNN and it says "DOW DROPS 700 POINTS" or "DOW RAISES 900 POINTS" and I don't know what to think about it. The most thought I can really educatedly put with it is "that's cool.." or "uh.. shoot?" naturally I want to know more. But! How do I figure this out, when I ask my parents to explain it and then they go off on a tangent about something completely off the subject or just put too many words I don't know the meaning of in a consecutive order? With the upcoming election there are campaign "things" everywhere I look. Cameron and I wanted Hot Chocolate the other day, so we of course proceeded to 7-Eleven, which is for the time being providing cups with either OBAMA or MCCAIN written on them in two patriotic colors: red and blue. This is not the last of it though. The signs in the store say 7-Election and whichever cup you choose gives a little percentage of the money to the campaigns of these two equally ridiculous candidates! So what was a girl to do? I don't even like either of them or really really dislike either of them. Although if I was going to vote based on looks Obama trumps without doubt. But Palin (who is not worthy to share my first name) is a member of the NRA which just enrages me. You guys if we are being honest that is all I really know about the candidates for this year's election. I don't know who I want to vote for but I know I need to vote. So. I'm not trying to open up a pandora's box of bossy people telling me who to vote for but I just wish I knew more about how this country works so that I could make an informed decision. If you have any suggestions other than "ask your parents" or "watch CNN" I would love to hear them.
Without Love, Sarah.


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  2. Dumbledore seems like as good of a candidate as any out there. I seriously am considering writing in Tina Fey because she is the only person I've been impressed with throughout this entire campaign. And, this is terrible, but... we know this state is going red, so what does it matter?
    But, if it is any consolation to you, someone very educated that I trust more than anyone else in the world once told me that if in some crazy alternate universe he had to vote for either the tyrant Hilary or Obama to be president, he would vote for Hilary.
    To me that says a lot. To me it says that the world would be better off with crazy b word Hilary than Obama.
    There's my two cents. Don't be mad anyone, it's just my opinion.