Thursday, October 30, 2008

and i know it's gonna be a lovely day.

Well. I have nothing but positive things to say. About everything. I have the best friends in the world! Naming names would be pointless and hard but I really really do. And I hope I never lose touch with any of them ever. Of course I can't forget my family. Yes this sounds cliche but it is really really true and that is why we have families and that is why we have friends. Because who better to catch you when you fall! Or to tell you what you really need to hear right when you need to hear it. Or do something embarassing on purpose in hopes of making you laugh instead of cry. Anything. I really am so ecstatic about life right now and the blessings the lord gives us if we follow his direction! Seriously.

My heart is with Adrienne and her family. Rosemary especially, I love them all so dearly. I don't know what else to say other than what a privelege it was to know Gordon Smart. I know that they will all be together eternally and for now, they (and all of us) can be sad and miss him and it's just fine. It just needs to be taken one day at a time.

Ah. I am really sitting here at 12:25 AM smiling because of the knowledge I have and how much it helps. Everything is easier when you remember the eternal perspective. When you remember the spirit you can have with you and all you have to do is ask for it and be worthy. It is so simple.


  1. Thanks for all those inspiring words. Everyday I am grateful I know of Heavenly Fathers plan. Without it how lost we would be. Am I going to see you this weekend while I'm in Utah? I hope so. Love you Sarah!! Julie

  2. I am so grateful for you in my life Sarah Jane, and looking in the eternal perspective gives me great joy and the blessings that I know are to come as long as I live righteously.