Tuesday, September 16, 2008

nothing is as far away as one minute ago.

I am sad! The Soldier Hollow Classic Sheepdog Championship Country Festival is over!!! Wah it was on Labor Day weekend and I didn't realize that. I guess there is always next year. Trevor and Ryan wore the same outfit to school today so that was pretty dope!

I am soooo discombobulated as to where time is going! Everything is escaping me.. I feel like I go about my day and it all only lasts 30 minutes. I don't have time to do my homework before the last minute. I don't have time to finish my real work before the last minute.. I don't ever see my friends. I hardly even see Syb whom I live with except when we sleep together. I eat on the go. I don't watch TV. I don't have time to read. I don't see my family. You guys! What is going on? I forget my ipod when I leave in the morning. What? That's when you know something is wrong. I don't have time to go to the temple like I want to and barely even to read my scriptures. I am so tired too. This sounds so whiny but more than complaining I am just being confused and wondering how I can slow things down and handle all this?
I still am so happy and ha ha not even really stressed like I should be... and that itself is worrying me!
Whats the 411? What are the cool jams? Syb your sleepover idea sounds so great please lets do it cause I need that. Like bad. Ya'll. And will someone please make me go to the gym? I am soft. haha. ew.
So anywho I am going to go study for my spanish test now! I love you all. Call me or something. :)


  1. Whoa!! Who is the kid on the left? Wowzers! He is a BABE!! I am calling for an IMMEDIATE get together!! I havent just "hung out" with my besties for sooo long and I am dying I love you! When are you coming up tonight?

  2. Sarah you continue to crack me up! I think time is speeding up too and I want to stop it NOW! What can we do? Do I get to see you this weekend while I'm there visiting? I hope so. Girls night Saturday night? Good luck with the balancing act :)

  3. YOu have time to see brady?? thats all you do? trust me. Im generally there.

  4. You are really freaking funny, haha. twentytwentyeight is still in the wee bitty baby stages, no music up, no pictures up, nadaaaa. I don't even think Qis is on the friend list, haha. I will let you know when we make some moves! Til then, its stalemate for us. Or something like that, ahdunnochess.

    hope your world slows down,

    Ps. When i feel that way, I listen to "Open Your Eyes" by Bobby Caldwell as recommended by a stand up guy, aka vocalist of my favorite band :)

  5. Sar... i feel that way.. i get home at night and i'm like.. i should write the love of my life.. but then some how i end up falling asleep before i even accomplish to get out my dang pen.. can we rally together to stop the world from speeding up.. ow... i just stubbed my toe from running from working to writing this... sarah wanna play soon/ ok good i do too. sept i have stomache flu
    that rhymed. OSM