Tuesday, September 23, 2008

it's like i've been let out of my cage.

THINGS I FIND AWESOME. http://www.alexostrowski.com/
Note To Self, The Happiest Book In The World
making me the happiest person in the world, right now.
bedlington terriers. i know i thought it was a lamb at first too!!!! which is why this dog is so great! i want one to be my first child.

rusty old cars.
decorated indian elephants. (or not decorated ones, cause i love elephants any time any where)

mexican children.

potty mouthed british songbirds.


  1. Often time if i dont leave you a comment its because I'm confused.. but I love you. ps.. I got raped?

  2. I am with Cameron with lack of comment due to confusion.. but I will get that sheep dog with you! I love it.. p.s will i see you tonight? & whats the verdict on the movie tomorrow?

  3. p.s. i am not rammie and rammie is not chasadity

  4. Cam got raped? Sucks.

    Next, look up Shake Your Peace. Best song: In the Arms of the Gypsy. Reason I'm telling you this: He is Mexican and in the song he says "Come on blow your candle out, yeah I'm your little Mexican cupcake." It's a song for you. You and your Mexican cupcake. I listened to it like 20 times a day no exaggeration this summer because it is just the best song written. I'll give you the song if you want it. You should probably want it.
    I'm coming to Provo tomorrow and if Spike doesn't make an appearance tomorrow I should stay in Provo til Saturday sometime. Call me if you have time.