Tuesday, September 9, 2008

fun at the fair with the shifty-eyed carnie-folk.

Such a blast! I honestly don't know if I have ever had as much fun as I had last night at the fair. I love fairs and festivals alike, always. Ha! People watching was of course fantastic, the deep fried oreos were something straight out of heaven (although I don't recommend making them at home because then you will want them every day and have a big fat heart attack) ... and some of the cows were as big as a winnebago you guys!

I thought that this painted skull was really blog-worthy. I can't even paint on paper..
No I did not actually ride the ferris wheel pictured below.

We look awesome because we are colorado.


  1. OP. this blog wins my heart. i went to the fair.. on a date even.. but alas.. i forgot my camera (I KNOW RIIIIGHT??)

  2. I love the fair! And I misssed it. THis blows. I cannot wait for Thursday!!