Monday, August 4, 2008

who? mike jone. jone.

some things i have been meaning to post about. sort of a to-do list i guess.
-pop's new kitchen. i need to take some good pictures and get them up here so ya'll can see how awesome it looks! he and jenny are very content with the way it turned out and i think cooking is even more enjoyable for them now.
-insound 20. neat merch!
-the friends i miss that are serving our lord leaf, sid, richie, cole, michael, har, petrey, bobby, harp, clay and more!
-breaking dawn.
-red rock.
-the killer spider that almost gave me a heart attack last night. jerry came to the rescue. really, i am lucky to be alive.
-how the winnie family is way too good at graffiti and make us lowly non-graffiti-masters feel inadequate. in fact this post will be next because i want it now.

Some things that i have learned.

-lyrics are the most important part of a song.

-every time you don't vote, a kitten dies.

--i like high waisted pants. yes i mean HIGH WAISTED. we'll see how long i like them for though. for now i feel like a grandma and kind of like a freak because no one else wears them and i'm not used to the way it feels. but maybe in a year everyone will be like "what were we thinking calling sarah a grandmother these are fantastic!"... maybe.

-HARMONS has the prettiest and most budget friendly fresh flowers.

-you need a vacation to recover from a vacation.

-cardigans are the most versatile and useful clothing item.

-why i want to be a counselor. i worry about people i don't even know way too much but i can't help it. hence i want to know how to help these people because right now i just feel sorry for them but helpless about what to do to make their lives easier.

-usually the people who need the most help won't take it.

-costco will sell you a quality [however not necessarily nutritious] filling meal for $1.50... a student's best friend.


  1. This is a very satisfying post. I like it, hence why I like you. Well not the only reason but a big plus. Costco does have good meals but there dog's aren't from Hebrew so they aren't that good. Anyways lets get me high waisted pants and take down the Winnie's and suck there talent out of them!!

  2. So member how I was telling you about my best friend that screen prints? Best news of the day. He is currently working on my shirt that says "every time you don't vote a kitten dies". We have one mind, you and me.

  3. My favorite thing ever is the fact that you called ME at 2 in the morning when you discovered the spider. im flattered. always there for ya *sis*
    ... wierd night that was.