Monday, August 11, 2008

weddings, friends, and raspberry shakes make my world go round.

umm. sarah. you're not on cribs. -- i know. but cameron and his friend dillon are super funny and they pulled an allnighter and started sticking a camera in other friend hayden's face and kept asking him to say what's up mtv cribs and he wouldn't so they kept whipping him and telling him to say it and it's the funniest thing i have ever seen in my life. cameron, please put it on youtube or something so i can link it.
in regard to birthdays being holidays we HAD to take mckall out and make her look stupid for her birthday so chili's it was! we ate molten cake and had a blassty blast. and despues we got breaking dawn at midnight. i have to say that the whole going to the bookstore at 11:30 and sitting there til 2:30 really has lost it's charm and i don't think i will do it again. i am always so tired the next day that i don't hardly read anyway so what's the point. it was worth it for harry potter but not for twilight books. not that i don't love them. not at all. i do. i love them. breaking dawn kicked aaaa and i am so pleased with how it ended.yeah i don't know we just took these pictures and i think they are funnnnyyyyy.

bear fdaklfdjakfja83qw lake!!! the prettiest lake in the world. okay. lake powell and bear lake are both amazingly gorgeous but they are also very different and not comparable. this weekend there was blissful.
for katie's last night as a single woman we all went to see the sisterhood of the traveling pants! ohhhh myyy goosssshh... jessie williams pictured below is possibly the best choice i can think of for the last almost naked boy to see before you get married. sooo! hot! [i'm not a perve, if you haven't seen the movie let me explain that he is a model for figure drawing class in the movie]

oh. have i ever mentioned how cute my cousins are??? here is rebecca... i could just baby talk to her all day she is the funnest happiest baby!
ha and of course how can i catch you all up on events without news of more weddings?? i can't... because they keep coming one by one, another [four] bite the dust! congratulations to katie and chris hogue and candice and trevor nerdin who were sealed in the temple on august 7th! hoooraaay


  1. Sarah you are gorgeous, like super model beautiful.

  2. What a fun week... Love weddings, love birthdays... love YOU!

  3. Fun!!! I love wedding food! Its good and always free! I'll be back in 3 weeks! Crazy! How are you Sis' ?

  4. oh what a fun post. i loved it. first of all sarah you may very well be one of those married girls very soon my dear ;) also. life is good. i love you girl

  5. All I have to say right now is that I love you and that you are the cheese to my macaroni. And the picture of you and Brady kissing makes me smile.

  6. Yeah...bear lake was friggin sweet. besides the one second when whomever took that picture of me you and brady on the beach. i look like a douche. but that was after wave running its expected

  7. I was waiting for a reaction just like that from you!