Monday, August 18, 2008

Umm...stripper? you're kind of a disgusting skank.

Oh Natalie, you make my days so much smilier.

I am proud to announce that I actually did do all 5 things on my five things I will do this weekend list! It was so grand. I got some great things at the garage sales that I will show you when I am done fixing them into usable items. Also, have any of you seen What Happens In Vegas? Because I watched it again last night and it was so great. It was my second time and I know it will be one of my favorites forever.

My laptop is an old bag and a bad word and it deleted [without my permission] all of the songs off of my ipod so now I have a total of 16. It's really fun to think about dealing with that. Not. [EXCUSE ME!] haha... waynes world...syb...this is one of those jokes only you would laugh at with me! so laugh. k love you. Also my camera is broken. So. Cool.

I have a lot of things to look forward to today but the most exciting thing on my mind at the moment is the fact that in half an hour I will be given laughing gas. My favorite!
The Hills premieres Season 4 this evening and believe it or not I am actually not even inclined to watch it, but you know and I know that I will watch it... and we'll see how it goes. I miss the Kardashians more. I am also really excited to go to Provo tonight for a few minutes and play with Syb and maybe get Pudding or Sub Zero and see Kellie and look at our new T-H! and perhaps see Abby or PeegeCake or Kelsey Jensen??


  1. Sarah Jane I love you so and your blog inspires me. Please help me upload a photo onto my blog for I cannot figure out how to do so. And yes I have been told it is the easiest thing to do! Ha I love you Ryzo and I think my next blog will involve a newspaper article about the adventures of ryzo and crombie, marshmallow roasting detectives under cover... for life girl

  2. ha ha ha yes...I love my little side note! I really did laugh! Love you too Ginger. Oh and i'm excited to see how your shelf turns out!

  3. Yea!! I got a blog! ha We definitely need to play really soon!

  4. haha why do you get laughing gas?? I love you sa-ry.