Saturday, August 30, 2008

sometimes all you can do is pray.

I am so greatful for the family and friends I have and for the gospel which is the best support that there is.

Someone said something to me today that I think will change my life forever. Someday I hope to pass it on to someone who really needs to hear it!

Friends! Provo is great and our new apartment is Come visit me there. I promise I won't be negative nancy like you would think from reading this post... I am fine really. Just being a baby which is totally allowed in my opinion. I love you all.


  1. I'm just really glad your alive.. i was getting worried. I am planning on getting a call from you at about... 6:16...mmmmk? LOVE you.

  2. Ali! I called you back yesterday and left you a voice mail you silly willy.

  3. Selfish Adrienne maybe sometime you should think about other things than yourself. I'm sorry I'm selfish. We're playing today.