Sunday, August 31, 2008

so anywho.

Yesterday something that would only ever happen to me indeed did happen. I was driving along with my mom in Juanita and we hear this POP! "Hmmm. What was that?" "I don't know.. weird do you see anything in the backseat?" "There is some DDP cans [I had a 12 pack in the backseat] it did sound like aluminum." "Huh. Weird." Then we hear another one.. but this time DDP splashed up onto my windshield. "Wow, I guess we should pull over and see what damage has been done!" So I get to the office and in the parking lot I open up the backseat and see that indeed one can of DDP has blown up (the can still in the case though) and I pull out the box to take it out and I am hoping that it didn't make too much of a mess (but it did) and as I pull it out the can starts spraying a fountain of pop right into my face!!!! Oy vey. So then I had a nice project of carpet cleaning and vacuuming out my backseat for the rest of the afternoon and I didn't even bother with windexing the inside of the windshields but I need to do that soon. Someone remind me around 12:30 one of these days okay. This story isn't even that funny now that I realize it but you know what guys I already wrote it down and Lynnette laughed a lot okay.

Moral of the story?  Don't leave pop in your backseat in 90 degree weather. It's just too much heat for those little cans to handle!


  1. your blog is my favorite. I want to come see your new place asap. when should I come? do you realize I live across the street from you?

  2. Sarah! We definitley need to do something soon! That would be fun to go see each other's places. Maybe we can even do it thursday and then go country and hip hop dancing after! Call us!

  3. Ahhh Dr. Pepper. That sucks that happened... but I LOVE hearing you have cans of the wonderful cans of deliciousness in your car! Awesome!