Friday, August 22, 2008

let yourself be amused by little things.

Did you guys know that I have a hobby?

I know what you are thinking. Sarah, blogging is not a hobby. I know! It's not that guys. But as much as I like to think music loving is a hobby, when I am on a first date or just talking to someone new and they say what do you like to do? and I say listen to music they kind of look at me funny and say... do you play any sports? or dance? And I think to myself.. WTF those are not the only things that pass peoples time...what do you want from me. No I don't play sports. Nor do I watch them! Unless I am at an actual game in which case I will yell and cheer a lot even if i don't care who is winning. It's just fun. Ha and one time my date said well what are you good at? And I was paralyzed..because that's not fair. I didn't know what to say.. not because I have no self worth and don't think I am good at anything but I am not really good at any sport or art projects which is what people seem to want to hear so what came out was "I'm good at....Friendship?" and he laughed and I laughed harder and he spit out his food and it was so hilarious. Okay but that's beside the point.

DRUMROLL PLEASE. I antique and search garage sales or thrift stores for neat things. Now you might say sarah you have been doing that for a while now. Yes. So that's why it is a real hobby! It is my favorite thing to do. Ok so now everyone can back off because there is a lot of walking around and stripping things down with your eyes and envisioning things in other forms with your eyes and trying to get the best price on it even if you have to argue with the old man selling it so now I am going to classify it as a sport k. And the early bird gets the worm which is lucky for me that I am indeed an early bird. So.. I know you are dying to see what I got last saturday with adge. I am still not ready to show you the ugly painted shelf that I am still working on fixing but I will show the mirror and then the pretty little things I got at a nice consignment shop which was ravishing. Please keep in mind that I am not a photographer.
Mirror, 3 DOLLARS. Garage sale in Midvale!
Tray. 14 DOLLARS, Abode.

Pins 2 DOLLARS, Abode, they will definately spruce up my backpack.

I am so excited to go again tomorrow and see what I can find.