Wednesday, August 20, 2008

it's still rock n' roll to me.

Lagoon! after feeling jealous of the friends who attended Lagoon last weekend Brady Jill Gavin and I decided to go and have some fun of our own. We ran into the Feulners there too! (Including the Kishiyama-Feulners and the Anderson-Feulners) which was way neat that we all showed up at the same time on the same day... you know. What are the odds? I feel that pictures will show you more about the fun that was had than will my words so here they come.
This is irrelevant to the rest of the post but this mailbox is definately rock 'n roll. Right? I mean... it's a dragon!
My fanny pack is rock n' roll.
So are Jill and Gavin.
This ride : "The BAT" was not rock 'n roll. It was so lame! Here is the thing, we were so excited about it because it looks just like one they have a six flags that actually is rad. However, this lasted 20 seconds and there was like nothing about it. It didnt take us upside down really. It just took us on a quick ride in a circle. Ha. Oh well though! No wonder there was a short line....
This is us after the ride...Brady unsatisfied.
The swings are always so so grand! I want to buy my own one of these and put it in my backyard if i'm ever rich. If i'm not maybe i'll just use my imagination.
Jill's nose is pretty just take my word for it since it's blocked out of the picture.
All wearing vans, not previously planned. Great minds think alike. This was in line for the Rocket. We did both Blast Off and Re Entry and let me tell you. I think it's Re Entry where you sit at the top for like 8 seconds then drop.. I'm scared of it. Like really it FREAKS ME OUT! But i'll go on it again. I just might tinkle though.Jill trying to charm gavin into getting her a blue Icee. It didn't work. I gave her a bite of my churro though.

Me so strong! PS WICKED IS SO MUCH FUN! I wanted to go on it again and again. But the line was super long so we only did it once.


  1. Does lagoon have any cool new rides?

  2. Ah I wanna go to lagoon! you are so photogenic by the way!

  3. ehum... is it just me or did gavin turn into our long lost cousin juble? how do you spell his jubal? juble.. joobal.. jewbal jewbol ...anyways its pronounced (*Jew-Bowl*) basically.

  4. This is going to be a long post...
    First off Gayvin Reache cut his hair, second he is wearing a wife beat, third you and Brady are a BEAUTIFUL couple, fourth Sarah BEST COLOR ON YOU FOR SURE!! It does wonders to your eyes, you look like an angel! Brady is LUCKY!! and fifth the last 7 times I have seen Jill she is wearing that vest.. did some one steal all her clothes.. hahah JK!! Anywho I am thrilled you guys had a good time. Lets combine forces and all go together... yesh??

  5. One more thing.. DRAGON MAILBOX!! I love it and I know exactly where it is at. I am so glad you appreciated it too! Lets take pictures by it...?

  6. yeah lagoon is a blast, you guys look like your having a good time... how about we all go for frightmares?

  7. yeah the bat is way lame, but I haven't been to lagoon in three years so I haven't rode wicked. P.s. I am back!! on blogger that is