Friday, August 15, 2008


woo! T G I F! right? What are everyone's plans for the weekend? I am going to tell you five things I am going to do this weekend.
  1. Make peach crepes. And dessert crepes con nutella.

  2. Go to a movie night.

  3. Go garage saling. (Anyone want to come...? Adge we talked about it once...anyone anyone? Let me know!)

  4. See Mamma Mia with my Mama..Mia.

  5. Visit London before she go to China land.

So, this friday five business. What is it you ask? Well I don't know I am making it up as I go along. I think I will name five famous men that are noteworthy- pictures included. And maybe five things that bug the living crap out of me. And five things I am obsessed with. Needless to say this post is too long already...ha.


James Caveziel

Frequency, Count of Monte Cristo. Something about this man James' eyes. They are so pretty. Dennis is cool too but mostly I just liked this picture more than the rest.

Adam Brody

If you have ever said I love Seth Cohen nothing more needs to be said. If you haven't, shame on you. (two adams. there is a reason god named the first man adam! it is the name of the most divine men! ha just kidding guys..)

Adam Levine

He is the voice and writes all of the music for maroon 5 with one other member of the band and why is it that all of their songs have to be so... hahaha they are so great. He revs my engine!

George Clooney

Ummm. He is an old stammering drunk but a hot one at that.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

You guys he is just so suave. If you have seen P.S. I Love You you will know what I am talking about.


Don't stick it on your plate, on your cup, on your dashboard, on the ground, or under a table. And don't pull it out and chew it back in and pull it out. It's for chewing not for playing with like silly putty. EEWWW.
4. Dirty sinks. It is not hard to rinse your toothpaste down. Or the food off of your plates. Not hard at all.
3. When technology doesn't work and it's always when you need it to. When you have a paper due in 2 hours and the printer isn't working and kinkos is suddenly closed for renovation or something. That always happens.
2. Being rushed out the door without being able to do all of the things that are necessary before walking out the door. I.E. Pinning bangs back when greasy, Brushing teeth, Plucking brows, etc!
1. Getting woken up by mom singing You Are My Sunshine over the blasting intercom. Nothing makes me wake up on the wrong side of the bed like that does!

5 obessions
  1. Hearing song lyrics and thinking "EXACTLY" which happens to me a lot... and I love it.
  2. D'Peach Mode.
  3. Puppies. They make everything better in life!
  4. Dope beats that make you want to get out of the car right where you are and dance til you can't even breathe.
  5. The smell of Coffee. MMM.


  1. OH MY FRIGGIN WORD. oh how i loe him.. PS i love you.. possibly the most amazing movie of all time..
    also sarah dance party soon PLEASE
    also.. my microwave is dead.. you'd have thought that someone very very close to me has passed by my reaction. It's like you never really know how much you love someone until they're gone... like my microwave.

  2. S
    Random thought. Do you remember that one time when we dressed up at my house and took a bunch of pictures of ourselves and you were in a bathrobe and I was like in a renaissance gown?? Ya.. we were cool back then

  3. isn't it against the word of wisdom to smell coffee...I think i heard that last conference...or was that starbucks customer service rep? I can't remember. I used to like it too but then I started smelling it too much and now i suffer from an acute addiction to lounge sitting. i find myself all over Burbank...just sniffing. Stop while you can.

  4. You're so right about this whole Adam thing...

  5. 5 things i love about sarah:

    1. her AMAZING blogs that i just love
    2. she is my hand twin
    3. if i quote friends she laughs.
    4. we share the same birthday and celebrate them together!
    5. her dancing skills.

    LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ok missy.. Ali said in her blog she wanted to play AGAIN!! So thats why I said that and maybe you can snag a bounce back pass if youre lucky bahahaha!!!

  7. next time mom does the whole sunshine song over the intercom.... lets stab her.. is that too harsh? alright lets just give her a dead arm.