Monday, July 21, 2008


Sho. I went to a rodeo!

I saw Batman - excellent. violent. dark. but good.

I saw fireworks FINALLY and plan to again on Thursday.

I tried Thai food and I love it.

I pitched a tent and tried but couldn't sleep in it. Here is my take on why sleeping outdoors in the suburbs sucks : Dogs bark. Roosters cockadoodledoo (at least the one by my house does.) Sprinklers turn on and off on and off all night. People drive fast and screech to halts. Did I mention sprinklers spray you in the face? Yeah. Oh and last but not least knowing your bed is just 30 feet away is not motivation to stay outside at 3:30 am.

Well! Not my best weekend even though it sounds awesome it kind of wasn't but I'd rather trust and be proven wrong than be too suspicious and ruin chances.. being in love is far too rewarding for anyone to avoid romantic relationships, just to skirt a case of the blues.

Oh. I didn't mention that tonight I have a date with a 17 year old. Haha Cams best friend Hayden will be taking me to John Mayer so thats pretty awesome cause he didn't have a date to double with Cam/Sam so I said take me and woo! It worked. It will be lots of fun the only thing I don't look forward to is the traffic jam we will inevitably be stuck in.


  1. Love is like Jurassic Park, without it, life is not fulfilled.

  2. Sarah I think you should be a writer. your words inspire me.