Saturday, July 19, 2008

i stay flossin...

i indeed did have a brush with death last week. as you can see from this picture i got stuck in an unnatural and uncomfortable place on the freeway. backwards. read about it here on adge's blog.we still went to the market! and it was so dank nasty. adrienne had some thai food that i coveted but my argentine empanada was still not bad. we got neat magnets and after the market we went to broadway and window shopped at all the neat antique shops. while there we ran into jovi he was skateboarding down the road. small world! the lemonade. next! monday morning syb flew in from hi and we got in the car and drove to lake powell. the greatest and most pleasurable place on this earth! this is us at the beaver texaco. this is the girls on top the houseboat. it was stormy and so beautiful!
found the giant rockingchair! go beaver valley. i was actually a little bit disappointed in its size because i imagined it a lot bigger and syb took the liberty of telling the guy that worked there that and he kind of just grimaced and i laughed and walked away feeling kind of sheepish.
court. this is for you! beautiful huh! i am no pro at photography though.


  1. the farmers market!! take me!! wait..its on saturdays...
    it is saturday..

    we missed it..

    next week sar? + lets go to lake powell with G ossian