Wednesday, July 2, 2008

cameron will be 18 and his bruise will be 2 weeks.

This is how I photoshop. Haha. But seriously, I am throwing brother a birthday barbecue on the 3rd. You are all invited!

Now for the important stuff. I am loving every second of life right now! I am reading The Host. Has anyone read it yet? Jess I know you have... How did you like it once finished? I am liking it a lot but I don't even know what to expect right now! You know when you can predict endings to books? This one not so much.

Not that anyone asked or anything but my average day consists of waking up as early as is physically possible (joke, about 9 am...) and go to Allstate where I proceed to do a mixture of nothing and very boring yet somehow productive work. I try to tidy up the office and then directly from work I go to 24 to work on my fitness. It's a work in progress. Then I will go home and in no particular order i'll do a little reading, a little studying and maybe journal writing, shower, eat dinner, clean up some part of Lynnette's house and then I do nothing.... Then there are of course exceptions to that schedule like tonight where I will be going to Gavin's softball game with Jill and despues we will watch So You Think You Can Dance! Giddy UP. Below is a picture of the pretty frame I bought for my desk today. It features a nice african american couple right now because I haven't put my own personalized picture in yet. They are nice looking and I don't mind waiting a little bit before changing it. Maybe next time someone asks I will tell them that's my parents when they were younger.
I found some throwback pictures on this computer that I just want to share. Here's a pic of Levi and Gavin doing their thing. I miss my best friend Levi so much! I also miss Gavin's attempt at a mustache haha. Jk that's a pretty full one.
This is the world's prettiest wedding dress! I want to wear one just like it when I grow up not counting the sheerness of the sleeves but seriously. I love it. I love it. I love it. I lovvve it.
Hoedown 2006. Mikey is another I miss dearly. Ha, we all look so solemn in this picture and I'm not even sure it's on purpose.Last but obviously not least I am positive that this isn't what plus size modeling is supposed to look like.

Cass and Sam I am so jealous of you that you are in OREGON! I love it there. Wah. I hope you are having the time of your lives. I would also really like to see you adrienne. Let's please talk about your trip. And show me pictures. And look at mullatino pictures online. Like the old days when it was quick and dirty. Trista? Hi? Are you alive? Ali... can we please do something. Syb Courtney and Kelsey have fun in HI! Take lots of cute pictures for me to look at. Jessica, you didn't call me this morning! Official fight? No.. but call me! We have updating to do. And Abby if you figured out how to read this congratulations! Welcome to the world of blogging. Cameron. I am going to buy the things for your bbq party in about three hours, requests? The rest of you. I love you. Thanks for reading my useless posts!

Have any of you seen Heroes? I watched the first season with Syb and Cass last winter but I am watching it again right now cause Brady wanted to and I am obsessed all over again. Even though I have already seen it! Ha and I need to watch the second season before the third starts on TV in the fall. How nerdy can I get? Why do I like TV shows so much? How do people come up with such creative and entertaining ideas?? It is a mystery to me.


  1. Dude.... I LOVED THE HOST! I thought it was nearly perfect, (which is big praise from me when it comes to books)!! But you will love it it is so dang good :D! hooray!

  2. haha!! yeah! i dont have any suggestions just wing it. im easy to please. go buy them dawgs and we'll have ourselves a sweet bbQ!

  3. i'm here! i'm here...i'm alive!!! um, but we need to talk. i am pretty sure we haven't in like months and i hate the MUST change ok my dear? I LOVE YOU!!!