Monday, June 2, 2008

weekend not from hell.

Woo! I love that scoot scoot. I'm pretty sure that riding around without helmets isn't safe and I shouldn't do it but I mean .... I guess if I die it will be doing something I love.

Tyler sketched my hand at church and I like it so I just wanted to show you all what he can do. Hands are hard though he says. If you click on his blog link to the right you will see his real work. He got an internship with disney you guys! And he is only a soph. Basically that never happens so I just wanted to give a shout out. Someday he is going to be the guy who makes something like Toy Story!! Yesss...

Ha but with my scarf and glasses yesterday some young men started calling me Harry. I got to thinking how depressing that Harry Potter books are done. I mean there are no more to read! No more to go wait at midnight for...i guess there are still the movies but I hardly like the movies ten percent as much as the books! Maybe I'll re-read them... but not til I finish reading my other books i've been a slacker about. Ahem. A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. The Host. Etc. Cough.

last night, i viewed an old tv show that i have never heard of before but it was great! it's called ALF, which is an acronym for alien life form. they just called him that but his real name was gordon shumway. ALF was the sole survivor of the doomed planet Melmac, who crash-landed on Earth and moved in with the suburban 80's era Tanner family. (they all have style). Interesting tidbit? this show ran around the same time Full House ran and they were also the Tanner family. a look at the tanner family now:

food for thought:

:breaking dawn comes out in 2 months can you say launch party?

:brother graduates tomorrow

:i want my apple dip out of rico the t.r. right now

:court i love the ting tings thank you so much for the recommendation ali yours were great too. cam those aren't so much my thing or i already have them but you knew that so ... as for the rest of you- thanks for nothing! (there is still time and that non-thanks can be deleted when you deserve it)

:the church of jesus christ of latter day saints is true and if you don't know just ask the guy upstairs and try it for yourself.

:i need to get my car scratches fixed and i keep forgetting so maybe blogging it will help remind me

TRIVIA for the day. (281) 330-8004 -what is this? winner gets my affection.


  1. I love the picture of the olsen twins and bob. Where'd you get that?

  2. google images ty! it never fails.

  3. the last picture sure looks like it came straight from hell

  4. I APOLOGIZE. I had no COmputer for my week in italy. i'm here now and i love you're blog. Thoughts on this one.
    `Go bro way to graj-i-ate.
    `Ty is most definitely on his way to stardom. we should pay him to sketch us so we can say one day that " yes, tyler the guy who made that totally awesome movie sketched me, yes i'm pretty much famous.
    `sarah, wear helmet always i saw too many scooter crashes in greece with out helmets to allow it.