Tuesday, June 24, 2008

she comes and goes when she pleases.

Well. Last week Lynnette, Brandee and I decided we're going to Vegas! So without much planning or thought given we jumped in the car and went and it was so fun. We shopped so much and laid by the pool for as much time as we could but being outside had to be in small doses because it was so HOT. I am really glad that we had that weekend away though I think we all benefited from it!

I am convinced someone is stealing my camera charger for kicks. My second one is disappeared again and I have to buy a new one before I go craysssy.

I quit platinum because it was a step in the right direction I couldn't sit there and be a robot anymore. I found out I was seasonal (they didn't tell me when I was hired) so I wouldn't have been able to work there in the fall anyway which is the only reason I was still there. Sorry Charlie haha. I'm so glad I don't have to do it anymore! I will be allstate-ing it for the rest of the summer hah yesss. Now I will have all the time off I want and no Saturdays. Can life get better? I submit that it cannot!

Last night was the best night. You know those summer nights when the temperature is perfect and you don't have a worry in the world? Yup. B and I walked to iceberg from his house and back and then just sat on his back porch swing for like 4 hours and that is what summer is all about. Life's simple pleasures!

Cameron come home from Idaho. I know how to attend to people who have stitches and I miss you. The rest of you Idahoans I wish you'd come home too but you're just so stubborn!!! ha

Ali Evenson HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Pathetic as it is to say it in a blog, I don't even have your phone number so this will have to do!

Last, yesterday I all of a sudden really wanted to watch a certain movie. I miss it. It is a part of my childhood and it has all of the best aspects a movie can have: Baseball! Girls! Madonna! Tom Hanks drunk! Rosie! and Song! Yes, I am talking about A League of Their Own. Can I get a yes please? I am going to buy it today.

This just in: Artists performing on the 2008 Twilight Concert Series include: July 10 The Roots The Knux July 17 Andrew Bird Josh Ritter July 24 De La Soul The Cool Kids July 31 Yonder Mountain String Band Keller Williams August 7 Nada Surf Tim Fite August 14 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Delta Spirit August 21 Broken Social Scene Big Sleep August 28 Neko Case Crooked Fingers

Awwww Yeah.


  1. as i sit here at work in a robot like state i truly do admire and despise (out of pure jealousy) your ability to quit your job so easily. I love you. i miss you. your road trip should have been to san francisco...to me! love you.

  2. YES!!! YES!!!! I love love love love A league of thier own, your blog makes me SO happy. You make me happy i miss you.. 801-259-0525

  3. the thing that makes zero sense about that movie is...rosie...umm...hi its a man? its a womans team with a man on it named rosie. just throwing it out there.

  4. GEEZ!! OK. So sometimes I make false idols of Andrew Bird and worship them. That's a lie. But seriously, the man is a genius beyond geniuses and I am dying because the little bastard decided to come and give a FREE show on the same night that Feist, the queen of goodness and kindness, is also coming and I already consented to her concert. WHY do they do these things to me? Ahh. Well anyway, we'll just have to go to the rest of them.