Tuesday, June 17, 2008


i have been distant lately to say the least. and not just with my blog! all my friends. i love and miss you. the past week or two i have been so busy with family stuff i have hardly had time to think. my cousin's wedding was saturday and on friday night the wedding dinner with both families (his and hers) was at MY house and we didn't get that news until three days prior so we had a lot of cleaning and sprucing to do! i hardly even saw brady. i am so excited for katie's shower on thursday i think a good get together is what we need. well at least it's what i need. girl power. if you are local, let's play. if you are out of state (cas, jes) call me, whassup!

the tragedy of my turquoise ring breaking (the stone FLEW out while i hit the life out of some golf balls at the driving range) is soon to be remedied because i ordered a new one! five to ten business days ladies and gents. i can't even wait. such a simple, inexpensive piece of jewelry and i can't live without it.

uhhmmm. i miss the days of summer when i got up around nine and dawdled into allstate when i felt like it got a little slap on the hand from mother, did some work, did some nothing and then bounced right at five. i really work less hours than i used to but they are lame hours. i wish i could have that schedule again. 2 to 7 with random assignments in the morning from lynnette is making me tired and i have no time after work to do anything i swear the time after 7:30 goes by like lightning and wam bam see you mam its 2 am. and getting time off here is a b@#$% so that makes it also less summerish. oh well. i can live with this! maybe. i might quit. i don't know. the paychecks are bigger so why am i complaining? shut uppp sarah.

well anyway the summer is here i mean june is going by so fast! we all need to take advantage of this fine weather folks. fiestas, picnics, camping and festivals please. the fact that i am allergic to everything natural is not a problem i am telling these allergies where they can stick it and not letting them keep me inside!


  1. Sarah! I know how you feel about being distant!! I miss you so so much. I like this blogging thing, I don't write much because nothing is goin on haha, but i like to keep up on your life! I miss you. i love you! Work sucks! today i told bryce i wanted to quit work and become a gypsie but bryce told me that a gypsie is a race not a group and i couldn't just join them like the marines. :(. Sad. Love you

  2. Seriously, I think its time we all go on strike from work. (Even though I love my job) The time has come that we college hoodlams must join forces and evade reality, that is, were going to work for the rest of our lives. But then again, if you find something you love you can really make a difference. I think you'd be amazing at Blogging for a living. Put some refreshments at the door so when people leave here, they stay even longer. The material is great!

    I hope to see you before I leave.

  3. Cool story hansle.

    ps i love tyler carter