Monday, May 12, 2008

Vital Monday!

Last monday's Gossip Girl blew everyone's face off because, um, Serena confessed to committing a murder. So what will happen tonight, besides me squealing like a giddy 13 year old for an hour straight? Apparently Chuck and Nate are going to be brought into her mess as well. There's some other secret she won't tell them, and it leads me to wonder: what could possibly be worse than killing a person? My guess? Serena van der Woodsen did 9/11. Political! Or, you know, this clip is just a little bait and switch and doesn't have to do with killing people at all. Maybe she's a hooker! A bus station skank! What do you think? I am so excited to find out. And, I'm hoping that Georgie's cover as the innocent new in town "Sarah" will be blown. Hopefully. If not i'm going to hold a pg-13 rated 'Cuss & Discuss' at my house despues the show.

The Hills will conclude with Season 4 and we can assume they will not leave us without a bang! They will probably leave us hanging and begging for more. Audrina and Lauren will show us a confrontation, and it involves tears and accusation (Lo!) and as always Speidi drama will definately ensue, the clip I saw showed Heidi all up in Spencer's grill.

One Tree Hill...title? "Hate is safer than Love!" Are Lucas & Peyton back together? The trailer shows them hastily jumping into the sack... I'm skeptical as to whether these two should be making rash decisions like this especially given that both of their heartstrings are pulled about as tightly as possible. Not to mention the eternal damnation.

In closing, i would just like to say, i love you cw and mtv for making my monday nights so interesting.


  1. Shupp up! Are you serious?? Yay i guess we know what we are doing this weekend!! Hells ya! Oh and has Candice texted you lately? She wants to go to lunch on Thursday I think... Oh crap wait when are you leaving for Oregon??

  2. I'm leaving on Thursday.. NIGHT! Let's freaking do it!!!!

  3. Comment 1: I LOVE MONDAY NIGHTS TOO!!!!!!!!! Best night for tv in tv history.