Monday, May 5, 2008


I aint got no alibi I'm ugly. Yeah Yeah! I'm ugly.
Haha. Umm. So you are probably wondering what is that eye sore on your chin?
It turns out I have really sensitive skin you guys.
It's a scab! Ewww. Gross I know.
And I don't really want to show the world but at the same time I know if I don't document this I will be sad later because it is funny.
If you know how it got there you have permission to laugh, and be jealous. If not, just go with my "I fell off a longboard" excuse and don't probe. Haha!


  1. ewww hew hew hew heeewwwwwwwww aahhhhhhlaldflahl aaahahahahaha ahoooooo ahooooooo ahoooooo ahoooooahoooo ahahahaf ahaofa fa ahahahahahahahahaaha ahahahaha haah chin ahah chin chinchin CHIN CIN FHCIN CHIN CHINCHIN FALSGHFIOSHGIOSEH

  2. ps : you aint got no aliby you ugly