Saturday, May 10, 2008

too much? perhaps.

Pues, I never write in my journal lately like I should. So i'll just document recent life, thoughts, events, and feelings right here for the world. Why I feel inclined to do so I'm not even sure.

Item: I am going to start saving up my money. No seriously though! I don't even have a savings account other than the one I have had since I was like 10 that I don't even know how to touch and have been forbidden to! Which is probably for my best interest even though I would love to just go blow it on clothes or something. No but I am going to save money this summer. So, the get togethers this week have been fun, (cinco de mayo, tp, jazz, nonbonfire) but I can't participate in buying thirty dollars of food per night just so that we can have a reason to get together. My company is free though!

Item: I put self tanner on my legs today and it is streaky. I do this at least once a week and it is never streaky. Today it is.

Item: I won't be able to go to Hawaii in July with my friends to be an EFY counselor even though that would be a blast... I have to pass on it but i'm excited to go on the family vaca's which are: Portland next week! to see Cory and Brandee who I miss and I think appreciate more since they moved away as sad as it is to admit that. They are cute. Also, Bear Lake in August for Raspberry Days which is going to be DANK. Oh I can not wait to be there with the crisp mornings and hot afternoons and of course RASPBERRY SHAKES!! mmmmm.. So i'm not going to be spoiled and throw a tantrum just because I can't go to hawaii. I don't even like humidity anyway and my hair would be a poof.

Item: Madi Daniels has been more than gracious and forgiving for our bandit-like toiletpaper assault on her house this week. But the poor girl! Her vehicle got egged last night.... and it wasn't us! Or anyone that I know of... But I feel super bad now cause... getting egged would suck anyway but in the same week as the toilet paper? She probably thinks it was me.

Item: Let's see... my brother is turning emo. Yes cam, I said it! Cheer up and quit being pissed at me. Seriously. The text messages - i quote here - "you should buy a one way ticket on the train to hell" and "makes me feel like chugging drain-o" - are funny! I know you're joking but at the same time it makes me sad. And don't flip me off when I enter dad's threshold. And don't draw me graffiti's on facebook that say "You're dead to me" "You're zero my sister" showing me, a stick figure, laying on the ground with x's for eyes. It's sick. It's wrong!

Item: Ali.. good job out in Greece! Seriously it looks so fun but seems so hard to be out there all by yourself I would be terrified I admire you for being out there. You are a strong, confident woman. Haha! Do you remember that friends episode where Rachel gives Chandler a hypnosis tape to help him quit smoking. However, the tape was designed for women -- and it works all too well. 'You're a strong, confident woman who doesn't need to smoke ....' love it.

Item: I need to clean my room. Que sucio! It's seriously a stye right now. All of my clothes are piled up on a chair or on my bed. My bed that I have not slept in for two days now because I have been having sleepovers at cassidy's aunt cassie's house. It's biennn. It's just going to be a chore. I don't know why but I always seem to be somewhat of a nomad. I never sleep where I am supposed to. Maybe I have some deep subconscious discomfort with having a permanent home. I don't know.

Item: I painted my mom a bowl for Mothersday but it's going to be late! But she will like it I am sure. I just hope the paper card I am going to give her tomorrow suffices for her actual mothersday. I think I am going to go over in the morning though and make crepes. Strawberry ones. Peaches aren't in season yet are they? And I think she would like some nutella in them. I have never done it but it looks so yummy when I see pictures. Then Brady's homecoming is tomorrow too which it's going to be fun to see him speak. I don't know why but it is somewhat tradition in my family to go out on mothersday even though it is always sunday. I don't break family tradition. I wonder where we will go?

Item: Cassidy and the girl she is training are both wearing a white t and girl anonymous is wearing a green spaghetti strap over hers and Cassidy has a green scarf on with hers. Exact same shade of green. It's really cute. Small world.

Item: Charlie my new supervisor looks like a very short, non-muscle man but still easy on the eyes version of Mark Wahlberg. And he is really nice. But Platinum is totally chapping my azz and cracking down on attendance which is normal at most jobs but this job has been really laid back up until now. So anyway he very nicely told me I need to come at the right time and leave at the right time. Which screws up Cassidy and my carpooling idea. And I don't know whether I can still work here anymore if that is the case because gas and time is money! Rarrr platinum. Rarr. I want a free t-shirt.


  1. Thanks for the shout out girl! Ha and do you think you can look for one of those convincer things.. convincer tapes... because i sure need it sometimes.. like when i'm crossing the road.. your not going to die you are strong as an ox and quick as a bunny your not going to die... or when i'm eating their food.. your not going to die... wait who am i kidding i probably will die from their food. PEACE and love.

  2. hahahahaha!!!!!!!!! im an emo kid. i was listening to slow motion when i sent that drain-o text so that explains that. and the graffiti was sweet. and the other texts were plain and simple hilarious specially the train to hell one! cheer up butter cup. and dont be wierd no mo' comprende?