Wednesday, May 21, 2008

the mystery of photogenicity. or non.

These pictures were taken not an hour apart from each other. So how can I look one way in one picture and then like a completely different, fugly person in the next picture??? It doesn't even make sense. It gives me anxiety and I don't even know what I really look like and which one is my norm....

also, how is it fair that jill and gavin look good in every picture ever taken! examples...

more than anything i posted these pictures for cute venna who made us our picnic lunch! and wanted copies of these. thanks!!!


  1. sarah please don't say you're fugly.. your not. you're beautiful. and popuLARR wo my computer just freakedout and that's what it typed lol that LARR part lol. go computer how awesome lol
    also one more need to know.. is your love for enrique deep? we may have a problem

  2. looks like you got your life back in order yesterday