Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Love Lynnette!

I can hear my conscience rapping to me
It's like "Hey, you've only got one real friend
From the cradle, to the grave, and back again
with unconditional love"
That's my mother I'm speakin' of.

thanks, Insane Clown Posse for letting me borrow your words.
It's my mom Lynnette's birthday today. All moms are saints, am I right? I mean, they birth us. They carry us around for nine months while we kick their tummies. Then they carry us around in their arms for two more years, then we run away and they chase us around trying to make sure we stay alive and well! And then they go above and beyond by being not only moms but friends. I just wanted to take a minute and say how much I love and appreciate mine! She is always there for me when I need something, she is constantly helping me with anything and everything that she can and making sure that I am taken care of. I am going to list some things she does that make her so great! They can be either huge things or small seemingly insignificant things that she doesn't even know she's doing.
  • Loving me unconditionally. It's probably hard!
  • Being good at math, and being willing to help me with it every time I need help with my homework. (i.e. every day of last semester, and years past of math classes)
  • Making pretty dresses for me for numerous occasions.
  • Making bum cookies.
  • Driving me everywhere until I was 17 when I finally got licensed.
  • Giving me food or money for food when I have spent my paycheck on clothes and am starving.
  • Taking me to church and teaching me about the gospel!
  • Sending me text messages like the one today "When you have a baby don't name her candyll it's too much like candle. yuck."
  • Hiding candy in drawers throughout the house... mom you don't know it but I eat it too!
  • Being a tough cookie.
  • Handing down the traits of being clumsy, shredding all my food with my hands, and not being able to sit still ever.
  • Letting me be DJ in your car.
  • Calling me or coming down to my room if I am at your house and singing "You are my sunshine" to wake me up. I know I yell and sometimes throw my angels bear at you but I really don't mean it.

Mom! I love you so much and I hope that you know how amazing you are.


  1. I love Lynette too! I will say that her text messages are the best by far, they keep me laughing for days! And her sewing and math skills are insane!

  2. huge lynnette fan. im showing this to mother for sure. i feel like a terrible kid for not beating you to it...so thanks for making me feel bad. but well done at the same time mister

  3. i love mother lynette already. swell post. near tears.. not really but i bet if i were an emotional person. i would be crying.

  4. Title: Lynnette (Tribute)
    Lyrics: Tyler Thomas Carter
    Artist: The Artist formerly known as Double TC
    Original Score: “I don’t know, I’m fine with either team”

    Laudatory woman of da high prestige type,

    Y? Because she’s just like dat,

    Notoriously soft spoken and gentle,

    Notwithstanding: Neighborly, Non-Neglecting, H-Y-P-E

    Evasive to conflict, her worlds dey don’t collide,

    Two doors North I used to “kick da can,” WHOOPTIE,

    To say thanks (for letting me and my 57 homies run wild summer nights on her lawn),

    Even to my Lil Sis’ (K to the ELI) -she treated her good…Stitching, All-State, and a whole lotta lovin’