Tuesday, May 13, 2008

but you don't really care for music do you...

So! TV Networks (I mean you, CW.) are lying scoundrels.. Hope i'm not spoiling anything for anyone here but.. Serena is not a murderess and Lucas apparently hates Peyton and does not sleep with her. They should be ashamed.

In other news.... I am excited for:

  • work to be over in 2 & 1/2 hours so that I can eat Cafe Rio with padge. I miss her.
  • making macaroni frames with adrienne tomorrow and putting pictures of me and adrienne in them.
  • giving my mom my late mothersday present tomorrow.
  • going to portland/seaside oregon with mom jerry cory and brandee! it is supposed to be beautiful weather the whole time! i am so so so so amped for it.
  • getting fired for going to oregon. kidding. i really hope i don't get fired.
  • the So You Think You Can Dance premiere on the 22nd. a week from friday children!
  • not having to pay for gas or food for a whole four days while i am away with the 'damily.
  • dining with carson tomorrow it has been ages. if he bails our friendship is cancelled.
  • hanging out with my most recent army of skanks: cassidy syb jill gavin jaime katie and brady in between all of those other things. i love them all!!
  • my chin maybe healing while i am gone? that is the ONLY upside i can think of from not seeing brady for that long...
  • the fact that i got my mom a new door mat for her front porch. i won't even tell you what the old one was like.
  • twilight concert series at gallivan center beginning july 10

not excited for:

  • cameron not being able to come on that trip. that really blows! we'll miss you brother.
  • not seeing any of my friends for four days.
  • not being able to make it to Katie/Chris's engagement BBQ.
  • riding in the suburban for like 17 hours back and forth.
  • my chin being back pink when i get home, it's inevitable i think.
  • the yellow ribbons and welcome home sign that will decorate my house when i get home. how embarrassing.
  • not driving juanita.
  • britney spears maybe being pregnant. i will spew.

introducing! DRUMROLL.... cory and brandee! my stepbrother and stepsister who i don't know if they have even been afore mentioned on this blog of mine so here they are.

Cory stands at a nice 6'3" and is 16 years old. He will never smile for a picture unless paid a hefty fee. He can play guitar hero on expert if he uses the xbox controller and owns his very own bowling ball. He is kind and friendly and always good for a laugh... even if it is at his own expense!

Brandee is 13 years old and is my height, her bust is one and a half inches bigger around than mine as mentioned to me today, (because my mom is making us dresses, not because i keep track.) She is kind and friendly as well and likes pretty much whatever I like which makes it very easy for us to get along.

I am so excited to go on a vacation with them!


  1. very well written, props. also may i add cory has 3 bowling balls plus 1 he gave to me. so yeah who rocks the house? cory rocks the house

  2. meh.. thats grody. more then grody. it's vomitrous. yes it's a word.. i just said it and it made sense there fore making it a word.
    I really don't have anything to say i just wanted to say hi. so hi..
    k i'm lame.

  3. Comment 2: I'm really thrilled that Serena Vanderwoodson-spelling?-is not a murderess!

  4. I hate your picture of Britney, I gag every time I look at it. Literally dry heave!!

  5. The exact kind of comment I didnt want on my blog.

  6. ha when you said i mean you CW i though you were talking about me. ha ha. yes what an intense ep of gg! wowsies!!