Thursday, April 24, 2008

yo yo yiggity yo

My days and nights of late have been filled with (in chronological order) loading and unloading my car with my stuff... which all seems so unnecessary when you have to move it! Driving back and forth between Provo and Draper. Studying for my one final and...drumroll please... watching the OC seasons one and two! ... I miss that show so much. More importantly I miss Seth Cohen. Why you leave me??

Today is the only day I am working this week. Hence the lack of blogs, haaa.

Here I am again. And I have had a weird anxiety on my mind lately... because I have been spending much time in this exact position, hand on chin, for hours at a time. The anxiety? Am I going to start getting... acne.. all over my chin or something?? I have heard that if you touch your face that can happen. And I am not too keen on that idea. Anyway, I try to stop but then I will catch myself having been doing it again for too long. Help!

About the picture, it's purpose is obvious. It is: a lame phone snap shot, apparently the face I make when I look at the computer screen.
It is not: an attempt at an emo myspace type photo

Also! Welcome Home Bray! You don't read this but maybe someday you will. Ha, it's good to have you back.

Oh, and fourth but not least, my key chain (for my car/house keys) is really bothering me and I want a new one. The beads are hanging on by a thread and are going to break off and litter the ground any minute! It's not only annoying but unsafe for anyone in the immediate area.


  1. amen to everything. specially the part about emo-ness. im at allstate right now, hand on chin, staring at my main man d jones shred paper. i couldnt ask for a better life. and neither could you so dont complain comprende?

  2. I put my hand on my chin at the computer all the time! I had to stop because chin started to break out - ack! Either that or it is from my cell phone...heard that before too. Now I use my sleeve as a barrier between my chin and hand or try not to do it at all!