Thursday, April 10, 2008

woo woo weddings!

Such a cool site.

Now that weddings are on my mind.. a few thoughts:

I don't want to go ring shopping. When the time comes in my life that i might be getting a ring i would rather have whoever he is pick it out. If he asked i would tell him some styles i like but that's as far as i will go, not to a store!

I don't know what colors I want. I change my mind every day. Green will definately be involved and cala lilies and orchids are my favorite flowers.

I wish I still had my mister list from forever ago. I only remember a few things from it, but it was long and haha i believe one of the things i wrote was "not white" meaning... someone latino, native or african american, asian, pacific islander, etc? and i was only thirteen... not much has changed.

I am already deathly afraid that my eyes will be bloodshot on my wedding day and that my bangs will look disgusting thus ruining all pictures and probably my general self confidence.


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