Monday, April 28, 2008

pop's new kitchen.

yeah, ugly right? you might ask... why is this what your kitchen looks like? i will tell you. the people who built the house were petarded, and seriously just everything was wack. dad only bought it because it was in the right place and from the outside it fools you into thinking it is cute. however, now it really will be! they have remodeled almost the entire house now, the kitchen being second to last and the basement being my problem... hmm. anyway we are super excited to see how this all turns out. there is going to be a beverage station with an ice maker right on the edge of the family room and that way we don't have to hover around the kitchen while the chefs are a'cookin. then there will be a big bar which will seat 8 people around it and it will be a food preparation station as well as our eating area! woo woo. i am so excited to see it. they say 3 weeks but we are going to assume it will take 2 months just to be on the safe side.

i was going to cut you out of the picture, brother, but i decided you definately bring something to the table. charisma....
---happy birthday to chase mackay!


  1. wow sar that is so awesome your dad is doing that! he is going to have so much fun with his new kitchen!! i cant wait to see it!

  2. im a bit upset. i wish you consulted me about it. i look like trevor hunt for hell sakes