Thursday, April 24, 2008


fact: elephants are almost as family oriented as humans.

fact: there are more plastic flamingos in the world than there are living.

fact: this bird is called the blue footed booby. the bird pictured below is what their babies look like.

fact: manatees have three fingernails on each flipper and when they get into shallow water the manatee walks on its nails.

fact: the fingerprints of koala bears are virtually indistinguishable from those of humans, so much so that they could be confused at a crime scene.

next time i am charged with murder, he done it.


  1. thank you sarah for the comment, your very sweet. I loved your animal bolg it was very cute. I have always wanted a koala. Looking cute at the office by the way

  2. OH and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a great weekend. Go Party be wild and Have fun being have to say some cheesy advice on a birthday come on

  3. Very creative blog babY!! i love you

  4. The flamingo fact is quite disturbing!!