Thursday, March 6, 2008

Oh, D'Peach Mode!

At my former place of employment, Virgin Megastore, I often found myself in need of a snack with not enough time to walk half a kilometer down the top of gateway in the freezing of winter and get one from the food court, so my only option was the starbucks inside Barnes and Noble. I fell in love with a drink there, that I haven't seen since that fateful day I terminated my employment, and lately I have been craving it. It is made by Jones soda and it's basically the same thing as Sobe. It's peach flavor and is so cleverly named "D'Peach Mode"! Oh how I love it. So today I went to target and they didn't have it, so now what? Do I drive down to Barnes and Noble and look for it there? I don't have time to go on that type of quest today. Maybe saturday I will. As for now I will just write about it while my mouth waters. They have to be my new favorite drink makers, (Okay, second, because my first favorite has to be Dr. Pepper by far...) because who thinks of such a good name? Look at the names of all of the flavors of Jones Naturals. Peach isn't the only lucky one..

Bohemian Raspberry (a pun on "Bohemian Rhapsody")
Berry White (a pun on Barry White)
Bada Bing! (now that's just cute.)
D'Peach Mode (a pun on Depeche Mode)
Limes With Orange (a pun on the fact that nothing rhymes with the word orange)
Bananaberry (also cute)
Strawberry Manilow (a pun on singer Barry Manilow)
Fu Cran Fu (a pun on Fu Manchu)
Dave (I wonder who Betty and Dave are? I wish they'd name one Sarah for me...)
A├žai = MC²

Well, I guess I should put an end to this and get to the neighborhood grocer before darkness falls because I have mountains of homework to attend to! Love you children. Thanks for logging in. Haha.


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