Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Hero!

Dr. Geoge Huang.

Huang is a fictional character on the TV series Law and Order SVU(the best version.) He is both an FBI Agent and the resident psychiatrist for the Special Victims Unit team. He provides them with expert analysis of crime scenes and suspects. His vast knowledge of forensic psychology and psychopathology lends him an ability to understand, empathize with, and predict the actions of suspects as well as victims!! He also has extensive knowledge in the fields of theology, ethnic studies, and forensics.

Wow! How interesante. I melt every time I watch him go on about why THIS person is THIS way or why THAT psychopath is THAT way. I sometimes wish I had the emotional capacity /intelligence /time /money /lack of other more important eternal goals to educate myself as much as he has been and do this job! It would be so top drawer.


  1. Wow you never cease to amaze me!! Only you Sarah Jane would write a blog about this! I am impressed! Can't wait to see you love you!

  2. looks like I've found a new blog to stalk........