Tuesday, April 1, 2008

it's here! it's here! !! !

APRIL. I can't contain my joy. Honest to abe! I am so excited. This is my favorite month of the year. I am going to think of a good way to celebrate its coming.

I, at 12:01 a.m. played an april fools joke on Syb and let me tell you it was good and she almost peed all over the floor.

I also watched the hills, que bueno. I love that LC and Steph are friends now. Outrageous!

I attended a few things/places this week and weekend that I would like to share/recommend.

McCall Miller's Wedding Reception.. it was so pretty, she looked so pretty, they looked so happy and her bridesmaids were all looking fresh to death as well. I don't have any pictures of them or it, and i'd be certified stalker if I took them from facebook so here is what I do have... me, ryan, and the couch.

Travis Van Hoff and Jake Kearns, at Yoasis in provo. Fellow Alta High School Alumni. They have got some good goings on. My favorite song, the name is escaping me, but Jake sang in French and Travis in Spanish and it really just made me smile. That's the only way I can say it! And yoasis... The yogurt was really yummy and i like the couches and the animal planet they had on the plasma while the music was played. I will go again.

Chadder's. An In-N-Out trademark infringer. Dad would be so ashamed at me and broosky considering he is a trademark attorney. But we loved it!! American Fork everyone. Who knew?? We didn't. We were looking for it, then decided this is stupid we don't know where it is, stopped looking and it literally found US.

The club. Yes. We are members of Hidden Valley C.C. and as such make fun of it because we don't (and don't want to) fit in with that type of culture. I am not saying anyone who is a member is a snob. But they outnumber the good hearted there, in my opinion. Cameron excused himself to the gentleman's lounge and came out looking like this pedophile kid that Ryan O. hated in high school. I don't know if it is the same kid who would crawl around at lunch trying to look under girls' skirts but I wouldn't be surprised.

Last but not least Abby/Greg's tool shower. It was real fun! But I have no visuals. Oops. I am thinking a picnic is in order around lunchtime or after seven when I get off of work. I hope it is warm so it can be an outside picnic. But if not, I will put a blanket in the family room and we can feast there.


  1. come i please come on your picnic??? pretty please? And then can we pull lots and lots of funny pranks? ok deal.

  2. ha ha I hate you and your jokes! jk love you! For the picnic I suggest we have pb&j's and...cream soda...and ice cream...and chips....heck lets jsut bring it all!

  3. yeah yeah! to you court and syb both! i bought pb&j yesterday!!! after work! yes...

  4. So glad you wrote today i was about to demand a new blog from you i was getting sick of not reading anything new. April is the month that all our dreams will come true i can feel it. !

  5. oh and also. you can steel my pictures from the wedding. i don't mind. :)

  6. gentlemens lounge has all kinds of stuff. old people use it. after shave, gel, razors, fresh towels, bacon, what not, the blue stuff that keeps the combs sanitary. yup.

  7. the song is road trip to las vegas...and also, i just love everything about this! everything...it puts a smile upon my face, congratulations!