Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hey Sarah, Get a Life!!!

Um.. Thats what I want to say to myself today. Ha, but no, life is good. I am stuck in a sort of rut right now, I always seem to get this way when 1/ it's winter and it should be spring but it's still winter because i live in utah 2/ school gets hard and it's still winter and there's no end in sight 3/for some reason me and my friends only think and talk about love and marriage it is always on our minds, and yet are scared to death of it? what is that about haha! but... I know that this rut will end and the summer will come and I will be refreshed in no time. I just need to not get down on it right now. I can hang here til April 23rd comes it is going to fly here in no time and I am done with math forever!

Umm. I just wanted to give a shout out to this boy right here. I have an obsession with his face.


I would like to also share this picture that I took a year ago in april when I finished my finals and my papa took me to Boston and cape cod. I think it's pretty.

Also... the church is true. :) Goodnight


  1. yum-o i love nate. he is so delicious. i think when gossip girls comes back on lets have a party! ok?